Cultivation study underway to determine funding feasibility

ELMHURST, IL (March 5, 2019) –The Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts (ECPA) announces today the location of its proposed 50,000 square foot multi-stage performing arts center at 109–119 West First Avenue in the heart of Elmhurst.

The ECPA’s planned future home will reside inside Elmhurst’s vibrant dining, residential, fitness and shopping scene just steps away from the Metra train station. A location in the heart of Elmhurst and accessible by public transportation to Chicago and surrounding areas has been a goal for ECPA’s board since its inception in 2016. The announced location makes the theater accessible and allows visitors to enjoy Elmhurst’s restaurants and shops.

The spark that lit the ECPA concept was the idea to establish a hub for the performing arts in Elmhurst, a way to bring together the breadth and depth of performing arts talent in and around Elmhurst. As the initiative evolved, so did the understanding of the benefits to the Elmhurst community.

“ECPA be a great addition to our city,” said Mayor Steve Morley. “A quality performing arts center will add a cultural venue to support local, regional and national artists as well as offering a resource for other public and private events. ECPA also provides an important piece to our expanding downtown,” he added, “all of which brings economic value to our thriving community.”

A study done by Johnson Consulting Group in 2018 indicated that each theater goer would actually bring $49.50 to the area, indicating a strong economic value.

Looking ahead, the ECPA Board of Directors has embarked on a cultivation study to determine the funding feasibility of the $30 million building project which has a goal of being built with private gifts, grants and naming rights. The study will determine two key outcomes: that it can receive the necessary funding this summer to facilitate the property closing and to confirm the feasibility of raising the remaining funds needed to construct the building.

If the land is secured, ECPA will create plans, raise the appropriate amount of funds through a capital campaign, obtain grants and more, which will need to happen all before the project can begin. Given the long-term nature of the project and the goal of building management, the tenants residing in the current space will not be impacted by the plan for many years.

“We are thrilled to secure land and architectural renderings for the performing arts center,” said Jeff Budgell, ECPA Board Member. “The community has provided tremendous financial and enthusiastic support which continue to propel this long-term project forward. We move now to another important milestone to identify funding.”

There will be an open meeting at the Elmhurst library to learn more on March 11th at 7:00 pm.  In addition,  more information can be found on how you can become part of the ECPA initiative as well as view a virtual tour of the proposed ECPA, visit or email

About Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts
Established in 2016, ECPA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to building a center for theater, music, dance and comedy, where artists and patrons share their love of the performing arts.